Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet Dutch Jones

Dutch Jones of The Supply Room Companies (TSRC).

The Supply Room Companies is a family owned company, and as the third generation, Dutch and Yancey Jones decided to branch out and try something new in the state of North Carolina. Recognizing Charlotte as a great city for opportunity, they have brought the same values, ethics, and personal service that has sustained TSRC in Virginia for the past 30 years. The Supply Room Companies is the largest woman owned independent dealer of office supplies and furniture in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Product lines include; office supplies, office furniture, break room and janitorial supplies, and ad-promotional items. Offering free next day delivery with no minimum of purchase to the entire state of North Carolina makes TSRC your one stop shop for all of your office needs.

As a Clemson grad, Dutch loves the Upstate and being able to get into the mountains or on the beach in a few hours.

Dutch Jones
The Supply Room Companies
Regional Manager
Office: (704) 372-1618
Mobile: (864) 903-5236

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet Archie Litaker

Archie Litaker
President of Litaker Insurance
Property, Casualty Insurance

Archie Litaker offers his business expertise and straight-shooting demeanor to the Ballantyne @ 9 team. Specializing in Property Casualty Insurance, Archie is also a master networker, community pillar and all-around-nice-guy.

About Litaker Insurance
Litaker Insurance has it all for you in one place - from our office right here in Charlotte we serve the insurance needs of individuals, families, and businesses across North Carolina and South Carolina. As an independent insurance agent, we represent many top rated insurance companies. We're here for you locally and 24/7 via our website. Getting the right insurance protection, superior claim service when you need it, ultimate convenience, and the right price can seem like a tall order. But Litaker Insurance makes it seem easy.

Archie's Likes:
- Arriving ridiculously early to meetings
- Working hard
- Meeting new people

Archie's Dislikes:
- Arriving late
- Bright colors
- Lizards

Call Archie Litaker: (704) 376-9896
Check out Archie's Website

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We meet at the Carolina Premier Bank in Ballantyne
13024 Ballantyne Corporate Place
Charlotte, NC 28277

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Dennis Sutton

Dennis Sutton is a born salesman -- the good kind. And he is an excellent biscotti maker. And if your car needs a jumpstart, he's there. And I am pretty sure that he'd be the first guy to give you the shirt off his back should the need arrise.

Take Away: As co-owner of 3.10 Signs, Dennis Sutton can not only tell you what kind of sign you need, but make it happen and save you money in the process. Best of all, he will leave you smiling.

Dennis' Likes:
- Button Down Shirts
- Light Boxes
- Living a Life Worth Living

Dennis's Dislikes:
- Drama
- Bad Customer Service
- Hats

Contact Dennis:
Phone: (704) 910-2242 Office, (803) 804-4937 Cell
Website: http://www.310signs.com
Email: dennis@310signs.com

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet Matthew Marino

Matthew A. Marino
Solutions Accounting, Tax, & Consulting, LLC

Business Consultant and all-around nice-guy Matthew Marino has joined our Motley Crew representing Solutions Accounting, Tax & Consulting LLC. (Ironically....) A Matthews Resident, Matthew worked for 20 years as a Finance Attorney before changing professions.

This once presidential candidate wanna-be claims politics and Yoga as hobbies, and generally tolerates the rest of us.

Take Away: Matthew is the guy you want to know - and he is probably smarter than the rest of us - but he is too nice to make a big deal about it.

Matthew's Likes:
- Logic
- Debates
- Being an enigma

Matthew's Dislikes:
- Polka dots
- Techno
- Soap Operas

Contact Matthew:
Phone: (704)-527-0007 Office
Website: www.1bettersolution.com
Email: Mmarino@1bettersolution.com

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet Bryant Goodman

G. Bryant Goodman

Bryant Goodman is an associate of Charlotte-based WealthPlan Financial Partners and an Investment Advisory Representative of Lincoln Financial Securities. Bryant earned a degree in Finance from the Calloway School of Business and Accounting at Wake Forest University.

Individuals, families, and business owners need customized financial solutions, and help implementing these solutions. Bryant is able to offer a variety of options to best serve their needs. Products and services include: financial needs analysis, life insurance, annuities and investments, as well as college, business, estate and retirement planning.

Bryant believes individuals, families, and business owners are looking for help with their financial planning and security. They desire someone they can trust; however they often do not know where to look. They want integrity, honesty, and respect. This belief drives his passion to reach out and assist.
Bryant seeks to build a client relationship built around trust and mutual respect. Bryant and his clients are teammates. Their common goal is to set and achieve goals and to continue the planning process as their lives change. Bryant understands financial planning is a process in which the client advisor relationship is a partnership.

*Bryant Goodman is a Registered Representative offering securities and advisory services through Lincoln Financial Securities Corp. (Member SIPC).

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Peter McRae

Peter McRae
Mark Kamin & Associates
Experts at Transforming Organizational Cultures

Peter McRae is a business consultant and coach who peaches the multisyllabic linguistics of authenticity and integrity. Gifted with a subtle personality and the good sense to bite his tongue, Peter gets to the core before opening up the pandora's box of possibility.

Peter is an artist trapped in an intellectual's well-pressed Dockers, and every so often you get the feeling he can see through to your soul.

Take Away: Conversations with Peter can quickly turn into therapy sessions, so if you have any secrets, don't allow for any eye-contact.
Peter's Likes:
- Authenticity
- Order
- Language

Peter's Dislikes:
- Gluten
- Excuses
- Country Music

Call Peter: 704.488.5744
Check out Peter's Website: www.mka-world.com

Join us each Wednesday at 9am for Ballantyne @ 9. Email p.mcrae@mka-world.com for details.