Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meet Bryant Goodman

G. Bryant Goodman

Bryant Goodman is an associate of Charlotte-based WealthPlan Financial Partners and an Investment Advisory Representative of Lincoln Financial Securities. Bryant earned a degree in Finance from the Calloway School of Business and Accounting at Wake Forest University.

Individuals, families, and business owners need customized financial solutions, and help implementing these solutions. Bryant is able to offer a variety of options to best serve their needs. Products and services include: financial needs analysis, life insurance, annuities and investments, as well as college, business, estate and retirement planning.

Bryant believes individuals, families, and business owners are looking for help with their financial planning and security. They desire someone they can trust; however they often do not know where to look. They want integrity, honesty, and respect. This belief drives his passion to reach out and assist.
Bryant seeks to build a client relationship built around trust and mutual respect. Bryant and his clients are teammates. Their common goal is to set and achieve goals and to continue the planning process as their lives change. Bryant understands financial planning is a process in which the client advisor relationship is a partnership.

*Bryant Goodman is a Registered Representative offering securities and advisory services through Lincoln Financial Securities Corp. (Member SIPC).

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Peter McRae

Peter McRae
Mark Kamin & Associates
Experts at Transforming Organizational Cultures

Peter McRae is a business consultant and coach who peaches the multisyllabic linguistics of authenticity and integrity. Gifted with a subtle personality and the good sense to bite his tongue, Peter gets to the core before opening up the pandora's box of possibility.

Peter is an artist trapped in an intellectual's well-pressed Dockers, and every so often you get the feeling he can see through to your soul.

Take Away: Conversations with Peter can quickly turn into therapy sessions, so if you have any secrets, don't allow for any eye-contact.
Peter's Likes:
- Authenticity
- Order
- Language

Peter's Dislikes:
- Gluten
- Excuses
- Country Music

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