Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet Matthew Marino

Matthew A. Marino
Solutions Accounting, Tax, & Consulting, LLC

Business Consultant and all-around nice-guy Matthew Marino has joined our Motley Crew representing Solutions Accounting, Tax & Consulting LLC. (Ironically....) A Matthews Resident, Matthew worked for 20 years as a Finance Attorney before changing professions.

This once presidential candidate wanna-be claims politics and Yoga as hobbies, and generally tolerates the rest of us.

Take Away: Matthew is the guy you want to know - and he is probably smarter than the rest of us - but he is too nice to make a big deal about it.

Matthew's Likes:
- Logic
- Debates
- Being an enigma

Matthew's Dislikes:
- Polka dots
- Techno
- Soap Operas

Contact Matthew:
Phone: (704)-527-0007 Office

Join us each Wednesday at 9am for Ballantyne @ 9. Email for details.