Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet Dennis Sutton

Dennis Sutton is a born salesman -- the good kind. And he is an excellent biscotti maker. And if your car needs a jumpstart, he's there. And I am pretty sure that he'd be the first guy to give you the shirt off his back should the need arrise.

Take Away: As co-owner of 3.10 Signs, Dennis Sutton can not only tell you what kind of sign you need, but make it happen and save you money in the process. Best of all, he will leave you smiling.

Dennis' Likes:
- Button Down Shirts
- Light Boxes
- Living a Life Worth Living

Dennis's Dislikes:
- Drama
- Bad Customer Service
- Hats

Contact Dennis:
Phone: (704) 910-2242 Office, (803) 804-4937 Cell

Join us each Wednesday at 9am for Ballantyne @ 9. Email for details.